Friday, 24 July 2015

24th July 1915

Men signal to aeroplanes flying over the Australian position using canvas strips laid
on the ground (mentioned by Will Sparkes below) - the new 4.7 inch gun position can
be seen up the hillside in the background, with a white square sheet of canvas
screening the gun.

Saturday 24th July

General Birdwood came round on inspection. I was further inoculated to-day for cholera. All day long I had diarrohea pains cooked bread & milk to make a change. Condensed milk used & it proved a great change. We got some flour issued and I made a few chapatties (Pancakes) fixed up in fat. I mixed the flour up in condensed milk and water and when finished ate them with jam.

As I managed to get hold of several tins of condensed milk from those who came from Embros Isld I make a little bread and sop in the mornings. I got one tin of Nestles cream and this I whipped and ate with apricot jam which happened to be in large pieces like preserves. I never enjoyed anything so much before.

A little warm to-day. Although we love our Battery Cooks who dish up food and it is sent up to our different gun detachments we are always experimenting with small dainties. We have to do this or we go very hungry. Pancakes, Bread and milk scores of broken biscuits, fat sugar etc welsh rabbit made of cheese etc are amongst the new varieties. We have had a lot of dissatisfaction over the Battery cooking as the open oven cooking does not allow of much variety in large dishes. I have for this reason endeavoured to get my friends in Qld to secure funds to purchase a Travelling Kitchen. I was in charge of aeroplane signalling party. The aeroplane circled overhead to direct fire and are sent the message by means of large cloth letters on the ground. The aeroplane is fitted with wireless and can send messages but cannot receive. The old Donkey foaled a few days ago. The little one is such a darling black little thing. The other one died or I should say we had him shot as his wounds were too bad to allow the poor thing to foal.

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

1430 Party of enemy observed cutting scrub on North end of PINE RIDGE.  No 4 Gun opened fire firing two rounds from which effective bursts were obtained + the party broke up + disappeared.

Saturday 24th July 

Very quiet night. Anticipated Turkish attack did not eventuate. List completed last night of new N.C.O.s and men for Heavy battery, and same posted. Olive Grove field guns and 4".2 opened very early this morning along beach, but Burgess silenced them with 4 rounds. Received one letter from Alvord, one from father dated June 7th, Nell June 14th, and Charley June 30th. Still anchored to hut. Very galling.

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