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15th July 1915

The 1st Division Artillery's positions at Gallipoli, as at mid-July 1915 (mentioned by
Col. Rosenthal, below) - the red line represents the Anzac trenches, & blue Turkish.
The 7th Battery's position is marked with a "7 B" just to the left of "Bolton's Hill" at
lower left - click on the above for a larger version

Thursday 15th July 

Feel better today. Quiet up till sundown. I wrote a number of one page letters while at Gaba Tepe and these were all done while the shells thundered & the bullets pinged on all sides. Of course you would all have heard of the casualties on the Turkish sides. Every day we have men wounded.

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery) 

Lieut E.W. Richards struck off strength of Battery being transferred to 4.7" Battery + Lieut Garling reported for duty.

1700 Party of enemy observed working on crest of ridge about 50 yards NORTH of TWIN TRENCHES.  No 1 Gun opened fire, fired two rounds which were very effective + all movement ceased.

No 4 Gun opened fire on Southern Slopes of LONESOME PINE with the object of destroying the barbed wire in front of the enemy’s trenches.  Low 15 rounds were fired + low air bursts obtained but the effect could not be ascertained.  During this series the enemy brought effective fire to bear on the Gun wounding one man + splintering the left gun wheel.

Thursday 15th July 

Met Colonel Hobbs at 4".7 emplacement. Discussed works with Major Miles. Col informed me Capt Jopp was required for Observation week with R.F.C. Leaves tomorrow morning. Lt Toomey temporarily placed at 4".7 in lieu of Richards who is not well and is to have a few days rest at Imbros. Lt Garling posted to 7th Battery.

Visited 6" How and 4".7 with Colonel. Met General Cunliffe Owen and Colonel and Adjutant of new 5" How Brigade at my Headquarters. Discussed with them and Col Hobbs best positions for Howitzers. Provided 50 men and two teams of horses to assist them to get guns from Beach to a position under cover pending definite siting of emplacements. Received pay from Filed Cashier and disbursed to Head Quarters. New map of our area issued. Copied from Turkish map with our names entered. One copy received for H.Qs and each Battery. Burgess’ Battery engaged "Wine Glass" guns during afternoon. 7th Battery fired 15 rounds at entanglements on Contour 400, and 5" Howrs Battery fixed on Target "1" and "turkey Hump".

The following are additional casualties since 10.6.15


No 2372 Dr Gay S.E. Wounded 28.6.15

7th Battery

No 1714 Gr King T.L. Wounded 27.6.15
1668 Gr Driver E.E. Killed 2.7.15
1739 Br Dark A.D. Wounded 2.7.15
3365 Dr Manning C.H. Killed 3.7.15
1660 Br Taylor C.L. Wounded 3.7.15
1613 Cpl Coleman E.L. Wounded 12.7.15
1726 Gr Egerton O. Wounded 15.7.15

8th Battery

No 1889 Gr Scott M. Wounded 14.6.15
1769 CPL Buchanan F.C. Killed 5.7.15
1771 Gr Baldwin F.H. Wounded 5.7.15
1820 Gr Costello T. Wounded 5.7.15
1826 Gr Hayes W. Wounded 5.7.15
2161 Dr Fry A.N. Wounded 8.7.15
1859 Gr [indecipherable] Renowden? J.R. Wounded 8.7.15
1834 Br Hocking Wounded 12.7.15

9th Battery

No 2011 Gr Lovett L. Wounded 2.7.15
1949 Gr Bennett L. Wounded 14.7.15
1982 Gr Eltham W.K. Wounded 14.7.15
3rd B.A.C. No 3781 Gr Hayward F. Wounded 5.7.15
2083 Sergt Waite A.R. Wounded 9.7.15
2155 Dr Pennington R. Wounded 10.7.15
Total to July 15th 1915 – Killed 10, Wounded 69. Total 79 

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