Tuesday, 14 July 2015

14th July 1915

Looking down across Shell Green and the sea from the ridge immediately to the rear
of Tasmania Post, with what appears to be an 18 pound field gun & ammunition limber
visible on the flat almost dead centre - in mid-July 1915, the 7th Battery's guns were
located just out of shot centre left, whilst Col. Rosenthal searched for new, higher
Battery positions around Tasmania Post (mentioned above).

Wednesday 14th July 

Not too good – no appetite

Mentioned in despatches in connection with work done early in our operations. Myself and a few others of our 7th Battery. Last night there was plenty of rifle fire.

July 14 Anzac
(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

0635 Party of enemy about 200 strong observed in square 212-M-5 apparently this was a working party which had just ceased work + appeared to be collecting tools + forming up preparatory to marching off.  No 3 Gun opened fire firing two rounds which both burst short + the party took cover.

1515 Party of enemy observed constructing an earthwork square 224-Y-3.  No 2 Gun fired 3 rounds which all burst very effectively + all work + movement ceased.

1730 Party of enemy observed commencing new earthwork Square 212-I-7.  No 1 Gun engaged this party firing three rounds with good effect.

Wednesday 14th July 

Enemy’s 4".2 opened early from Olive Grove. Got into some ammunition charges (Howr) on beach. Major Miles placed in command of two 6" Howr and 4".7. Mr Richards going on 4".7 Spent part of morning in Observation Station. Visited 7th Battery, 6" Howr and 4".7, also Tasmania Post (searching for new gun positions). Enemy shelling a good deal tonight. Approval secured for party of gunners to have a few days rest at Imbros.  


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