Friday, 10 July 2015

10th July 1915

Two unidentified soldiers standing on the beach at Anzac Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula,
flanked by boxes of corned beef (known as bully beef), the main source of protein in the
soldiers' diet, & the scourge of all culinary evil according to Bombardier Sparkes (below).

Saturday 10th July 

My knee was right again to-day & at about 5PM I went down to the beach and had a dip. It was lovely. I gathered a few pods of yellow Brown flowers.

If any one ever suggests Bully Beef & Biscuits to me or stew when I get back it will be as much as their life is worth. I have tummy aches every day etc. Of course it might be the water that was responsible for it.

We fired a few rounds in the afternoon to register the distance of certain targets. One of our Cruisers sent in a fusilade of shells on to where the Turks are putting guns. The snipers got a few victims to-day. My knee is alright now.

Sniper's Ridge, one of the targets fired upon by No 4 Gun of the 7th Battery (below).

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

1415 No 3 Gun engaged the observing pit 20 yards WEST of the CEMENT EMPLACEMENT in which considerable movement was seen.  Three rounds were fired at this target with good effect + the party disappeared.

1430 No 1 Gun fired 4 rounds at a working party on square 211-W-9.  The target was registered at 2950x

1700 No 1 Gun fired 4 rounds at a working party improving old + constructing new trenches in square 202-P-4.  The last 3 rounds rounds were effective.

No 2 Gun fired six rounds + registered several positions of the PINE RIDGE BASTIN.

1745 No 3 Gun engaged the observing station 20 yards WEST of CEMENT EMPLACEMENT firing 2 rounds with effect.

No 4 Gun engaged a working party on SNIPERS RIDGE at a range of 650x which appeared very effective.

The pre-dreadnought battlleship H.M.S. Lord Nelson, complete with torpedo nets, in
Suvla Bay - she opened the bombardment on the 10th July 1915, followed by additional
salvos from either the light cruiser H.M.S. Dublin or H.M.S. Chatham (below).
[Courtesy of Museum Victoria]

Saturday 10th July 

General Birdwood with Col Hobbs made a complete inspection of all Artillery in the Section. I was with them at 4".7 emplacement but left them to indicate to some naval officers the positions on Hill 600 and 706 which require shelling. At 2.30 PM HMS Lord Nelson commenced a vigorous bombardment and did good shooting. All the time the enemy’s field guns bursting shrapnel over her. Later in the evening a cruiser came along with the balloon ship. The balloon was sent up and the cruiser carried out a shoot, but we could not ascertain target. At 6PM an aeroplane series with 5’ Howr was carried out. 

Work continues with 4".7 emplacement. Gun arrived during night.



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