Monday, 30 November 2015

30th November 1915

The H.M.S. Grafton, which periodically shelled the Olive Grove before being turned
on an alternate target (below).
[Courtesy of The Weatherings]

Tuesday 30th Nov

To-day the sun shone brightly & the scene was lovely. The snow dazzled & sparkled like diamonds under its feet. Of course by now most of it was hard & frozen into icles. It was lovely to get the heatening of the rays of the sun.

I was busy all the day moving Canteen goods to Units.

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

The Battery did not fire.

1100 Enemy's aeroplane flew over our position.

1400 Enemy's gun firing from direction of SCRUBBY KNOLL obtained several effective bursts on No 3 pit but no damage was done. The Battery did not fire.

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

1130 H"M"S."GRAFTON" commenced a series at SQ.68-C-5 only 4 rounds were fired when advice was received that she was ordered elsewhere.Observation from F.C.O. was not possible for this targetand arrangements were made for spotting to be carried out from 7th.Battery.  The four shots fired were unobserved.

1235 Enemy gun from OLIVE GROVE fired towards BEACH unlocated.

1315 Battleship steaming south was fired upon by enemy gun from SQ.47-N.  H.M.S."GRAFTON" engaged this target.

1345 Enemy gun from  OLIVE GROVE fired at Cruiser which returned fire.  9th.Battery also engaged.

1410 Enemy gun from SQ.68-W-1 fired towards 8th.Battery and enemy gun from OLIVE GROVE fired towards BEACH.  Heavy and 9th.Batteries engaged OLIVE GROVE.  Low land and 8th.Batteries engaged gun SQ.68-W-1.  The 8th.Bty. subsequently engaging OLIVE GROVE.  A steady fire continued from these guns until 1535.

1425 Enemy aircraft observed going East.

1425 1540.  Enemy 75.m.m.gun unlocated from direction of SCRUBBY KNOLL fired on our RIGHT FLANK.  This gun again fired a few rounds at 1615.

1620 8th.Battery fired on position of ASMAK HOWITZER. SQ.56-W-1.

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