Sunday, 8 November 2015

8th November 1915

Chatham's Post taken from the ridge above Shell Green looking south - the trenches running
to the right were held by Turkish soldiers (attacked by the 5th Light Horse, below). One of a
series of photographs taken on the Gallipoli Peninsula under the direction of Captain C. E. W.
Bean of the Australian Historical Mission, during the months of February and March, 1919.

Monday 8th Nov

To-day I was occupied in handing out orders & receiving cash in place of goods. In the afternoon I went round to North Beach to Y.M.C.A. & arranged to get some items from their Canteen to supply our chaps with. Saw QM. Sergt McLaren of Lowland Battery & had a good talk. Also saw Olly.

The Turkish Artillery were shelling our positions this afternoon but they did not do much damage. Several shells fell round near our 7th Battery and one near my old store which I have now vacated.

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

Enemy shelled our position, CHATHAMS POST + our newly gained ground to the south all day.  No damage was done to our position.  The Battery did not fire.

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

1115 WINE GLASS BATTERY firing on trenches near CHATHAMS POST.

1130 Gun from SQ.38.B.C. firing on this position apparently heavy calibre.

1135 Gun from ANDERSONS KNOLL firing towards CHATHAMS POST.

1155 Gun from LT.SECOLIVE GROVE firing into CLARKS GULLY.

1252 Gun from OLIVE GROVE firing on our RIGHT FLANK TRENCHES

1310 to 1450 H.M.S."GRAFTON" engaged gun at SQ.38.B.C. did not get position.


1620 OLIVE GROVE guns firing over F.C.O. position.

2100 At 2100 on the night of 7th and 8th instant 5th Light Horse advanced their line at Chatham,s Post.

Advance was covered by fire from 9th Battery on Communicating Trenches in Poppy Valley.  Rounds were also fired at intervals as [illegible] required by 5th Lowland Battery on Bird Trenches and Vicinity.

Hostile guns opened on Chatham,s Post from Olive Grove Sq.56.W.1. which was engaged by 9th Battery.

0500 At 0500 8th instant fire was again divided on these positions in conjunction with Navy shelling Harris Ridge.

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