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1st November 1915

Two Officers approach the dugout of the 9th Battalion Quartermaster's Store on Artillery
Road at the head of a valley at Gallipoli - on the 1st November, Will Sparkes paid a vist.

Monday 1st Nov 1915

Made all Preparations to leave for Embros Island. Visited Don AC in Divisional Artillery Headquarters to get instructions from Captn Knox and then went on to Divis Headquarters to see Captn Hastie. I was then informed that owing to bad weather the ship would not go. Went along beach to the landing stage & found if sea moderated we could go. Stayed till 4 ocl & auths then decided to postpone trip till tomorrow.

I went back to Olly G at Engineers Store on Beach and had tea with him and then returned to 3rd Brigade Headquarters where I reported weather too bad to proceed etc. Olly & I then visited 9th Batallion R Quartermaster Sergeant where we talked of the doings of the 1st day ashore & of the incidents of the great charge etc.

All of the battle was once more fought all over again. Returned to the Engineers Store where I slept for the night. Olly made me up a bunk on a stretcher in a shed & I was very comfortable indeed. Olly being like a mother even to me even dosing my blankets with powder for fleas.

Nov 1
(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

The Battery did not fire.

1720 One if the enemy’s guns opened fire on our position firing about 10 rounds.  No damage was done.  The gun was located as firing from a position on GUN RIDGE Square 68-W-1.

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