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18th November 1915

The 18th November, after the storm of the 17th - Watson's Pier had to be repaired, but
it was never again thoroughly completed.

Tuesday 18th Nov

The morning opened up fine but chilly. The sea had not gone down very much. Everywhere the Infantry were wandering about trying to get dry & warm. Blankets were everywhere out on the grass & shrubs to dry. The Turkish Artillery opened up early in the morning & made things lively. Gave us plenty of “Hurry ups” as our chaps say. In the afternoon I went to Y.M.C.A. Canteen & again enjoyed Owens & McDonald cooking dinner afterwards visited the Battgoo Battery (Lowlands) Division and saw my friend McLaren R.Q.M.S. and on my way back called in to see Olly Gunderson. On the beach it was chaos – the result of last night’s storm was only too evident. All the jetties but one had gone – Barges & Tugs were ashore. The Tug “Gaby" had been sunk & I am told had some of our outgoing mails on. This was very unfortunate as it was really the Xmas mail and one could not tell what letters had been lost. I had to take refuge on my returning as the shelling was very free. I decided to take teas with Olly G and went the sun set. I started on my return to our Headquarters. The sap through which we generally travelled was full up of water – the result of last night’s storm – and it meant the road in the open had to be traversed. I had only gone a little way when I heard a shell coming and in the instant – a fleeting moment of time – I could tell it was coming close to me. I dived not unceremoniously into a hole and not a second too soon as the shell landed about a dozen yards beyond me. It rather gives one palpitation of the heart, but I was lucky as it was a percussion shell. Had it been a fine shrapnel it would have caught me badly.

I do not relate all the narrow escapes I have. In the position we are in they happen so often and it often seems as if many of us here have charmed lives.

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

0900 No 3 opened fire on Enemys trenches on Lone Pine Square 68-B-6-9 in retaliation to enemys guns shelling our position + fired 11 rounds shrapnel + 10 6 H.E. with effect.

1830 No 3 Gun engaged enemys trench mortar Square 68-B-6 firing 4 rounds H.E. + succeeded in silencing it.

1840 No 3 Gun fired 1 round P.S. + 2 H.E. at last mentioned target.

2000 No 2 Gun opened fire on BIRD TRENCHES 68-L-6 firing 8 rounds H.E. with good effect.

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

0845 Gun unlocated from the direction Right of GUN RIDGE fired over F.C.O. 8th.& 9th.Batteries retaliated on GUN RIDGE, also on enemy Trenches 7th.Battery also fired on enemy Trenches LONE PINE.

0945 9th.Battery fired on GABA TEPE.

1020 Gun from RT.SEC OLIVE GROVE fired towards BEACH 9th.Battery retaliated.

1100 Gun sounding from right of GUN RIDGE firing on Trenches on our RIGHT FLANK.  8th.& 9 h.Batteries retaliated.

1450 Heavy and 9th.Batteries engaged OLIVE GROVE.

1515 4.7"Gun firing towards OLD PARADE GROUND.

1550 Enemy Aircraft passing over F.C.O. going East.

1635 Heavy and 9th.Batteries fired on OLIVE GROVE.

1640 Howitzer Battery fired on enemy Trenches in front of F.C.O.


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