Thursday, 19 November 2015

19th November 1915

The Headquarters of the 2nd Light Horse Brigade on Shell Green, with gun limbers &
the gun road up the hill, in November 1915 - at the top of the road is the approximate
site of the first gun position of the 7th Battery.

Friday 19th Nov

“Beachy" was very busy early and was even shelling all through the night intermittently. I went to Canteen again & secured a few nuts & figs for the 7th Battery. I had tea with the Battgoo Battery (my friend Q.M.S McLaren of the Lowland Scottish Battery).

Nov 19
(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

0845 Enemys gun firing from direction of SCRUBBY KNOLL Square 80-Z-2 engaged our No 3 Gun + succeeded in obtaining a direct hit before the gun could be withdrawn damaging shield, spring case + rockingbar sights.  The gun was withdrawn for repairs + a dummy gun substituted at dusk.

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

0813 Enemy gun from direction of SCRUBBY KNOLL fired towards CHATHAMS POST.

0815 LEFT SEC.OLIVE GROVE firing towards BEACH.8th.Battery engaged this target. 

0845 Gun firing from position south of SCRUBBY KNOLL on 7th.Battery, obtained direct hits on their No.3.Gun putting it out of action.

1030 LEFT.SEC.OLIVE GROVE again fired towards BEACH , 9th.& Heavy Batteries engaged this target.

1100 Howitzer Battery engaged enemy trenches on RIGHT FLANK.

1110 Heavy Battery commenced series on OLIVE GROVE with aerial observation,during which OLIVE GROVE fired in retaliation.

1130 An unlocated gun fired from the direction of CEMENT EMPLACEMENT towards CHATHAMS POST.

1205 OLIVE GROVE GUNS again fired on BEACH and kept up a regular fireuntil 1255.  Our Howitzer fired on enemy RIGHT FLANK TRENCHES, 8th & 9th.Batteries on OLIVE GROVE.

1440 OLIVE GROVE GUNS again fired with similar retaliation.

1450 A number of horsemen observed on SOUTHERN SECTION OF KILID BAHR ROAD going south.  Heavy Battery engaged them.

1515 Enemy 75.m.m. gun from direction of SCRUBBY KNOLL fired towards 7th.Battery.

OLIVE GROVE GUNS have been firing on the BEACH intermittently but consistently for the last two days and nights.  I would suggest that the Navy be asked to search the OLIVE GROVE with heavy fire if they continue their fire tomorrow 20th.inst..

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