Saturday, 6 June 2015

6th June 1915

Artillery positions located by Captain Waite marked by stars, in
Sqaures 212 C1 & 224 U2-3 - Artillery targets were marked on a
1:40,000 map of Gallipoli up until the 1st August 1915.
[Original map courtesy of R.A.S.C.A.]

(Captain William Charles Waite, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

3.10pm Engaged Turkish gun that had opened from Gun Ridge Square 212 C1 this gun ceased firing after 6 rounds had been fired by us [No 2 Gun] at a range of 1850 yds Corrector 168. 

3.45pm I registered the range to a Gun position on Square 224 U2-3 at 2500.

Australian soldiers modeling the original gas masks issued to troops on the
Gallipoli peninsula (mentioned by Col. Rosenthal below) - constructed of 
lack mosquito netting & cotton wool, the masks would have been completely
ineffective in the advent of a Turkish gas attack.

Sunday 6th June

A most beautiful day. The colouring of the sea has to day been a most extraordinary blue. Respirators being issued to all ranks, thus wisely guarding against the use by the Turks of asphyxiating gases as practised by the Germans. Information published in our orders today indicate that the enemy is weakening and is anxious to sue for peace. Saw Gen’s Birdwood, Walker and Carruthers together with Col Hobbs and Col Johnstone at 8th Battery position.

During the afternoon enemy put in a good deal of high explosive and shrapnel shell. We located batteries in "Olive Grove" and on "Gun Ridge" and silenced them. Capt Jopp finished duty as H.Q Officer.

Rather heavy rifle fusillade during night.

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