Friday, 5 June 2015

5th June 1915

Artillerymen taking advantage of quiet time on the Gallipoli peninsula,
fusing shells in the ammunition reserve at the opening of their gun pit.

(Captain William Charles Waite, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

Quiet day.  Owing to unsatisfactory state of telephonic communication I have started to connect guns with observing station with speaking tubes, made of water pipes.

Saturday 5th June

Enemy’s Artillery opened early this morning. There appears to be a good deal of activity on Left Flank. Lieut Parker reported to me for posting to a Battery for instruction. Have sent him to 7th Battery. Had overhead cover provided to part of my "dug out". Last night secured fuze in a damaged condition from old "dug out", belonging to shell that "laid out" Major Burgess and myself. I shall keep it as a memento, tho’ I shall require a ship to carry away all I would like to take.

Capt Harris, Adjutant D.A.C. reported to me yesterday re duplicating Telephone and Signal Services between our Brigades and batteries. I had already done so in case of my Brigade. Track completed past Brighton Battery to Brigade Headquarters. Interview with Capt Trenchard, 6" How, regarding giving of information etc.

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