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30th April 1915

One of the 7th Battery's guns in action on the 30th April 1915 - Major Hughes
(crouching centre) is at the range finder, & Col. Rosenthal (just left of centre) is
observing over the parapet with field-glasses.

Friday 30th

I should imagine that if we ever get back to civil life we shall all have the hump. Digging stooping down - while on your knees in every conceivable position - creeping along bent down. Our Colonel about whom I have often written has been up to his old tricks.

We built our gun pit and also a sleeping apartment with a trench leading to the pit. Our worthy Col cooly came along & took possession of the apartment & trench for himself & staff. He never asked my permission & he stopped men going out through the trench to an outpost which afforded protection in leaving the firing line. He wanted our sand bags etc [illegible]

Last night was fairly quiet & we had the opportunity of getting a little sleep.

As far as accoutrements are concerned things are a bit strained. We are even wearing Turkish items such as coats . Our trenches are some miles in length & orders are passed along etc

April 30  Friday

We continue to strengthen our trenches.  In the afternoon the enemy attacked with the bayonet we strongly shelled the attack which was repulsed.  An enemy Batty then opened on us from a concealed position S.E. of KAPA TEPE but they inflicted no damage.  Gnr Von Steiglitz wounded by rifle bullets in shoulder Fitter Price slight wounded by bullet striking his binoculars.  Only desultory rifle fire at night.

The crew of one of the 7th Battery guns adjusting & setting time-fuses
at point blank range, 30th April 1915.

Friday 30th April

Comparatively quiet morning. Col MacLagan with 3rd Infantry Brigade relieved troops on this flank. Generals Birdwood, Bridges and Walker with me inspecting position and discussing situation. This afternoon enemy again came along Contour 400 in fairly large numbers. We opened fire using about 80 rounds, getting good effect. A 6" gun opened fire on us about 5 o’clock from our Right Flank. Capt Leslie engaged it with time shrapnel, also HMS "London" but latter would not correct line. Enemy fired 4 rounds and then ceased. We had a fairly quiet night.

The casualties to date in our Brigade areas follows:-

April 25th - Fitter Legeant - 3rd B.A.C. - Shrapnel bullet through mouth.
April 26th - Gunner Eagle - 7th Battery - Bullet through leg.
April 27th - Sergt Braithwaite - 7th Battery - Bullet through left shoulder.
April 27th - Corporal Bliss - 7th Battery - Bullet over shoulder blade.
April 28th - Gunner Coleman - 3rd B.A.C. - Bullet through left thigh.
April 30th - Sergt Day - 8th Battery - Bullet through right thigh.
April 30th - Gr Steglitz - 7th Battery - Bullet through thigh.
April 30th - Fitter Price - 7th Battery - Bullet graze at eye.

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