Saturday, 18 April 2015

18th April 1915

The sun setting over Mudros Bay, 18th April 1915, photographed by Captain C. E. W. Bean.
[Courtesy of Australian War Memorial - G00881A]

Sunday 18th

It is said an old campaigner always starts out with what he stands up in and an knife opener. The young campaigner provides the changes of linen & the tins for the old campaigner to open. I am afraid I'm a bit of an old campaigner as I have very little but what I stand up in, I had to buy a sweater off one of the crew as it has been too cold here. We had  a church service this evening on board. It was a talk by Pat Hare. During the day we received certain instructions about our landing in a few days under fire & I went to bed excited over the coming prospect.

Sunday 18th April

An easy day. Some boat loads of men went ashore, several officers with them. Corporal Hare conducted Service in the evening. A very good muster including ships officers and an excellent address. Saw Colonel Hobbs and General Birdwood on the "Minnewaska" during the afternoon. Received letter from Alvord.


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