Monday, 20 April 2015

20th April 1915

Looking out over Mudros Bay from above the French Hospital, in the lead-up
to the Gallipoli departure.

Tuesday 20th.

We were served with emergency rations today - one days meal of biscuit - hard - tin of meat & a tin contg tea sugar & bovril. These are always carried in case our ordinary rations are not to hand when we take up a position. A rumour is in the wind we leave today for another Bay or to our landing place. Everything is ready. Cholera is supposed to have broken out on the Caledonia. We were all alloted to various landing boats.

Tuesday 20th April

Conference of my Battery Commanders at 10AM. Carefully went through all Orders and instructions with them. Very blowy day, no work possible outside ship. Wrote letters, probably the last for some time, to Charley, Alvord, Chris, Father & Mother and Nell.


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