Thursday, 9 April 2015

9th April 1915

Rhodes & Karpathos Islands, between which the A18 Cardiganshire passed
on her way to Mudros Bay on Lemnos Island, along the coast of Turkey.
[Courtesy of BBC News]

9th April Friday

It was a delightful morning - cool - refreshing and a very calm sea.  It is surprising how we had been blessed with such good weather while on the water part of our trip up till now. Our No. 1 was a little seasick and I had  charge of the Drivers in stables while the Gunners went below to finish off fixing fuses to the shells. We were warned off to different boats in case of collision or accidents and we had an alarm during the day. Life belts had to be donned & a rush to the various parade stations.

In the afternoon we came in sight of land - Rhodes Island - I am told and I considered we must be entering the Aegean Sea. I was again in charge of Piquet in the evening. No one was allowed to sleep on deck on a/c of passing along some Islands the natives of who were hostile.

Friday 9th April

A beautiful morning – very smooth sea and everybody in general very happy. Quite a delightful change from sandy and dirty Mena. The 7th Battery completed fuzing of Shell. B.A.C. now busy on their Shell. Two guns of 7th Battery taken down during the day and thoroughly cleaned. Plenty of Mena sand removed. Others will be done tomorrow. S.A.A distributed to Units. Pistol Ammunition to Officers. Inspection with Capt at 10.30 AM. Boat generally very comfortable. Passages between horse stalls very narrow thus rather hindering work of men. About sundown we passed between Rhodes and Karpathos Islands. Captain has instructions to keep clear of Asia Minor Coast. We expect to reach Mudros Bay about 4PM tomorrow and sincerely hope we shall not have long to remain their before moving off to our destination. The horses will be our first consideration.

Ships Surgeon is attending to all sick, fortunately very few and minor cases.


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