Sunday, 19 April 2015

19th April 1915

Horses being unloaded from pontoon boats, very possibly those of the 3rd Field Artillery.

Monday 19th

Last night when just going to bed I was called by a chum - Corp Tinton and invited to join him in a supper of boiled Fowl & a bottle of Porter. I was not slow in accepting & we sat out in the moonlight & talked over the incidents of our lives for hours on deck. It was delightful I always thought that in the Southern Hemisphere that the infinite beauty of a moonlight night only existed there but I find it even goes to much higher latitudes. One cannot criticise the authorities too severely in not publishing a bulletin of news of the war. We are completely in the dark as to any authentic news. A little water - fresh was dolled out today to wash our clothes. We were supposed to be washing them in salt - I say supposed. Horses were taken ashore today & guns shifted from one hold to another.

Monday 19th April

Very useful work done today. Several punt loads of Horses went ashore (72 Horses in all including Jack & Dick). They had a good swim and roll, also a feed of splendid clover. All transhipping done without hitch or accident. Major Hughes moved a Section to forward hold so as to admit of both holds working vehicles and horses simultaneously. Attended conference on "Minnewaska" at 4.30 PM. Operation Order No 1 issued and carefully considered. Further conference of Brigade Commanders arranged for Wednesday morning. Combined naval and Military Signal book issued with Amendments and Additions. The following British ships (exclusive of submarines, Torpedo boats and Destroyers) are to cooperate in attack: - "Queen Elizabeth", "Agamemnon", "Lord Nelson", "Vengeance", "Triumph", "Prince of Wales", "Albion", "Goliath", "Blenheim", "Hussar", "Ark Royal", "Swiftsure", "Cornwallis", "Canopus", "Implacable", "London", "Queen", "Prince George", "Majestic", "Inflexible", "Dartmouth", "Dublin", "Talbot", "Doris", "Minerva", "Sapphire", "Amethyst", "Euryalus", "Bacchante", "Adamant". Quite a substantial list, and one capable of giving the Turk something to remember. Dined on the "Minnewaska", and afterwards had conference with Colonel Hobbs. 

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