Wednesday, 9 September 2015

9th September 1915

A view down one of the trenches alongside Shrapnel Green, 9th September 1915.

Thursday 9th Sept 

Busy finishing off roof of store with old blankets W.P Sheets etc. It is now twice the size it was and fairly comfortable except that it really requires Galvanised iron roof. None of that material is yet available. A quantity is on the water we are told & will arrive in about 5 weeks time.

Sept. 9

0800 Major F.A. Hughes resumed command of Battery + Capt. W.C.N. Waite returned to 3rd B.A.C.

1820 No. 3 gun fired 3 rds at overhead cover on slope of PLATEAU 400 N. end of SURPRISE GULLY (Sq 68-b-6) in retaliation to enemy gun firing on LONESOME PINE.  Range 935x.  Effect – Number of baked mud bricks put on overhead cover during night 8/9th Sept demolished.

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