Thursday, 3 September 2015

3rd September 1915

Dugouts of the 10th Infantry Battalion, in Victoria Gully, just behind & to the left of
the 7th Battery's guns, on the 3rd September 1915.  A path runs down the gully (right)
past the Regimental Aid Post in the foreground, with Artillery Road near the top of
the hill in the background.

Friday 3rd September

The weather nice & crisp with a cool breeze. Getting the store rebuilt a little in case of Winter protection – a quiet day. Went to Ordnance for clothing etc.

Sept. 3
(Captain William Charles Waite, temporary O/C 7th Battery

9.20 Observers reported gun firing from southern end of GUN RIDGE Sqs 68-V-3 to 6 – W-1 to 4. Reported to 9th Battery F.A.

17.50 to 18.10 No. 4 gun fired 14 rds P.S. + 8rds H.E. at enemy’s parapets + overhead cover on slope of PLATEAU 400 N. end of SURPRISE GULLY in retaliation for enemy gun firing on our trenches at LONESOME PINE.  Range 940x. Fire was drawn onto our Battery + ceased on LONESOME PINE.

1800 Observers reported party of enemy working on what appeared to be a revolving turret emplacement on slope of GUN RIDGE Sq 68-V-5,6.  Spot was kept under observation by an officer who saw embrasure of emplacement revolving as though on a pivot.

14.00 2nd Lieuts. Moody, H.E., + Steward, C.G. attached to Battery + reported for duty.

19.10 No. 4 gun fired 2 rds at parapets on crest of PLATEAU 400 N. end of SURPRISE GULLY in retaliation for gun firing on LONESOME PINE.  Range 950x Effect – Parapets damaged.

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