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13th September 1915

"Bathers coming ashore in barges at Anzac Cove, to seek shelter from 'Beachy Bill'" - on
the 13th of September 1915, 'Beachy Bill' was particularly active from the Olive Grove,
despite having been mostly absent in previous weeks.

Monday 13th 

Our men did not leave as anticipated but came back early in the evening very disappointed. I had a lot of trouble to fix up extra rations for them as they were off our strength. “Beachy Bill" our old friend sent a lot of shells over towards the beach to-day.

Sept. 13

10.15 Party of Turks observed working at Sq 55-K-5.  Appeared to be commencing a new line of trenches.  Reported to 9th Battery and engaged them.

11.05 No. 3 gun fired 1 rd P.S. at range of 935x at overhead cover on slope of PLATEAU 400, N. end of SURPRISE GULLY (Sq 68-B-6) in retaliation for gun firing on LONESOME PINE destroying a number of baked mud bricks erected during night of 12/13 Sept.

14.00 Major F.A. Hughes left Battery to assume temporary command of 3rd F.A. Brigade + Lieut. S.F. Hodgens assumed temporary command of Battery.

[Authors' note: Unfortunately, a large gap exists in the 3rd Field Artillery
Brigade's official diary, covering almost the entire month of September
1915 - as such, Major Hughes' documented command of the 3rd Field
Artillery Brigade does not properly take effect until the 1st October 1915]

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