Friday, 18 September 2015

18th September 1915

Turkish troops in a front line trench, 1915.
[Courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald]

Saturday 18th Sept 


Sept. 18
(Lieutenant Sydney Francis Hodgens, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

0900 No. 3 gun fired 1 rd P.S. (at range of 950x) at "Battlements", on crest of PLATEAU 400, at N. end of SURPRISE GULLY, Sq. 68-b-6, causing slight damage to parapet.

0930 Earthworks under construction Sq. 68-B-6.

17.15 to 17.45 Turkish gun commenced firing at LONESOME PINE and shortly afterwards about over 50 bayonets were visible behind parapets ("Battlements") on crest of PLATEAU 400 at N. end of SURPRISE GULLY (Sq. 68-b-6).  No. 3 gun fired 25 rds P.S. at ranges of 960x to 940x, destroying the greater portion of the parapets behind which bayonets were showing.  Bayonets soon disappeared and it is considered that good effect was obtained on personnel behind parapets.  Heavy rifle fire could be heard on left flank, + as Turks (Sq 68-b-6) did not leave show themselves above parapets + were firing most of the time into the air it is considered they were only making a demonstration.

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