Saturday, 12 September 2015

12th September 1915

Turkish soldiers in their trench, similar to those being bombarded by the 7th Battery below.

Sunday 12th Sept

Very like rain. Men to leave late to night. Mouse bit finger while laying half dozing. They run in & out of bags of which my store wall is built etc.

Fixed up a stretcher in store to make myself a little more comfortable. It was fine – you can bet I slept finely this evening.

Sept. 12

1000 Large party of Turks observed working in communication trench on GUN RIDGE – Sq 68-N-6.

15.00 Considerable movement of mounted men observed at Sq 48-N-5.

11.00 Turks observed putting up sand bags where knocked down by our fire the previous evening (Sq 68-B-6) + also observed moving up + down communication trench in vicinity – probably removing earth after sapping.

18.15 No. 3 gun fired 3 retaliation rds – PS – at overhead cover on slope of PLATEAU 400 at N. end of SURPRISE GULLY knocking down a portion of parapet.  Sq 68-b-6.



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