Thursday, 24 September 2015

24th September 1915

A view of Brown's Dip and Victoria Gully (above which the 7th Battery guns were
located), looking north from Turkey Knoll, which came under fire from Turkish guns
on the 24th September -  this photo is one of a series taken on Gallipoli by the
Australian War Records Section, 1919. 

Friday 24th

Weather still keen. There is an absence of the short Pants now. Everyone is commencing to cover themselves up a little more. The wind is the worst part of the weather – it is so cutting just now. I made an appeal to Supply O.C. about bread & in future our Battery is to be treated similar to the Infantry Brigades etc.

Sept. 24
(Lieutenant Sydney Francis Hodgens, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

10.45 Smoke from enemy gun firing from 68-V-6 observed.  Was either howitzer or gun of low velocity as shell could be observed in flight near muzzle of gun.  Engaged by 9th Bty + Heavy Bty.

10.55 No. 3 gun fired 4 rds. P.S. at parapets on crest of PLATEAU 400 at N. end of SURPRISE GULLY (Sq. 68-B-6) in retaliation for enemy gun firing on our trenches east of TURKEY KNOLL.  Range 950x.  Effect – Parapets damaged.

17.00 Mule transport observed at Sq. 48-N-6.

17.45 No. 3 gun fired 10 rds. P.S. at small gun emplacement on SNIPERS’ RIDGE reported by Observer of 9th Battalion Machine Gun Section (Sq. 68-B-8) in retaliation for a gun firing on LONESOME PINE.  Range 760x.  Parapets demolished disclosing overhead cover.  4 rds. Entered embrasure of overhead cover.

White flags (3) with red centres (shape of centres undiscernable) observed flying daily at Sq. 29-B-8 + 9.

2000 to 2010 No. 3 gun fired 12 rds. Shrapnel Time (Fuze 1.9) at 8rds. P.S. at slope + crest of PLATEAU 400, N. end of SURPRISE GULLY, Sq. 68-B-6.  (Ranges 950x to 910x) in accordance with orders received by O.C. 3rd F.A. Brigade to assist in demonstration by 2nd Light Horse Brigade.  Fire of 2 Turkish guns was drawn on Battery.  Night firing at registered ranges + angles. 

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