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7th October 1915

Six members of the 1st Divisional Signal Company wearing their gas helmets - a gas
scare surrounded the 7th Battery gun pits on the 7th October 1915 (below).

Thursday 7th 

To-night there was a demonstration by our forces against the enemy’s trenches but nothing of a decisive nature. A very bombardment took place on the Southern end of the Peninsular and the booming of the heavy guns was very pronounced.

Oct. 7
(Lieutenant Sydney Francis Hodgens, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

1500 Gun observed firing from GUN RIDGE at our aeroplane.  Reported to 3rd F.A. Bge, but had ceased fire before report through (Sq. 68-S-5).

15.15 Gun observed firing from Olive Grove Sq. 55-Z-6-9.

15.20 Movement of enemy troops.  Party of about 40 men (unarmed) moving towards “Hill 600” along road in Sqs. 56 S + X Reported through to 3rd F.A. Bge to Heavy Battery.

16.30 Gun observed firing from OLIVE GROVE Sq. 56-W-1.  Engaged by 9th Bty

18.30 Demonstration by 2nd L.H. Brigade, 3rd Inf. Bge. + Torpedo Destroyers.  Battery did not fire.  Considerable Turkish rifle fire was drawn in this zone.

19.30 Reported by Np. 4 gun that the presence of small quantities of gas had been noticed in the air.  Infantry + Light Horse forward trenches did not confirm report.  3rd F.A. Bge was informed + no action was accordingly taken beyond warning men to have respirators or gas helmets at hand + warning other units of report.  Officer in charge of No. 4 gun stated men’s eyes had been made to smart + smell noticed was disagreeable but was not sufficient to overcome anyone. 

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

1145 Enemy aircraft going North.

1430 Convoy of Camels on road going towards RUINS

1435 Convoy of horses on road behind GUN RIDGE going South.

1520 Camel and horse Transport moving North on road at foot of KILID BAHR.

1615 Number of men on foot travelling along road at foot of KILID BAHR going North.

Comparatively quiet throughout the day.

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