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5th October 1915

Major Hughes spotting from his Observation Post overlooking Achi Baba.

Tuesday 5th Oct 1915 

A little sultry. Went along the beach & saw Olly G. Passed a young chap & at first glance I could tell I knew him. I stopped him & said “are you not a friend of John Bulgins". Yes he replied. I did not know his name but on him informing me I remember playing Tennis with him on one occasion. His name was Joyner & lived at Samson Vale. I am good at remembering faces but names ----

There are things & there are faces which when felt or seen for the first time stamp themselves upon the mind like a Sun image on a sensitised plate & there remain unalterably fixed.

Take the instance of a face or most faces one might say – the same smile or a frown – the same look.

Oct. 5
(Lieutenant Sydney Francis Hodgens, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

0915 No. 3 gun fired 6 rds. P.S. (at range of 760x) at SNIPERS RIDGE parapets, Sq.68-B-8, in retaliation for guns firing on LONESOME PINE.  A portion of parapet was demolished.

Considerable movement of small parties of horsemen on road Sq. 48-N-6.  Parties generally moving northwards.

10.15 Small party of Turks observed digging on crest of PLATEAU 400 Sq. 68-C-7.

Party working on crest of GUN RIDGE – Sq. 68-J-1.  At 1705 same work was being continued.

Small working party observed leaving communication trench Sq. 68-N-5.

1600 Gun observed firing from GUN RIDGE at aeroplane, 68-S-5.  Reported to 3rd F.A.B. + engaged by 9th Battery. 

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

1230 Party of horsemen on road at foot of KILID BAHR going North.

1532 Camel Transport on road at foot of KILIP BAHR going South.

1540 Observed for 9th. Battery firing on Aeroplane Gun on WINEGLASS RIDGE.

Except for aeroplane guns enemies guns quiet to-day.

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