Friday, 2 October 2015

2nd October 1915

Obviously unbeknownst to the men in the 7th Battery gun pits below - the French General
Bailloud, Vice-Admiral Boui De Lapeyrere and Staff Officers with General William Riddell Birdwood and the Earl of Anglesey, mustered on the beach at the mouth of Anzac Gully just
prior to their departure, after an inspection of the Anzac positions on the 2nd October 1915.

Saturday 2nd October 1915 

Another quiet day. I went to Ordnance for Battle Lamp glass & wick. Saw Major in the afternoon. There was an attack during the evening & a lot of rifle fire. 

Oct. 2
(Lieutenant Sydney Francis Hodgens, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

10.15 Enemy gun observed firing – smoke only visible – at No. 3 gun of this Battery from GUN RIDGE – Sq. 68-S-2.  Was engaged by Heavy Battery.

10.40 No 3 gun fired 3 rds P.S. (Range 940x) at Turkish Observation Station pointed out by 10th Battalion observer – Sq. 68-B-6 in retaliation for enemy gun firing on LONESOME PINE.  Effect – Parapets damaged.  Enemy shell burst in gun pit of No 3 gun but caused no casualties to men or equipment.

11.20 Small conflagration was observed in same locality as Heavy Battery had been firing.  Apparently bush fire caused by Heavy Bty shells bursting.

13.45 Small party (about 6 men) seen working + moving about on crest of Olive Grove 56-Q-4.

17.10 Small party (about 10 to 12 dismounted men) seen moving 48-N-6.

In pursuance of orders received from Div.Arty. H.Q’s we proceeded to replace 80/44 fuzes on H.E. shell by 85 fuzes removed from shrapnel shell temporarily transferring 80/44 fuzes to unfuzed shrapnel shell as protection from damp pending receipt of new 80 or 85 fuzes. 

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

1020 Gun from behind GUN RIDGE firing on 7th. Battery.

1130 Our Batteries set something ablaze in vicinity of WINE GLASS.

1330 Gun from OLIVE GROVE Shelling BEACH.

1533 Gun from WINE GLASS fired on rear 9of F.C.O.

1550 Gun from left of GUN RIDGE firing on ARTILLERY ROAD rear of F.C.O.

1620 Gun fired from WESTERN end of OLIVE GROVE at Ships
Howitzer engaged.

1735 Gun from OLIVE GROVE shelling BEACH. 

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