Saturday, 30 May 2015

30th May 1915

One of the field guns of Phillips Battery (4th Battery, 2nd Field Artillery Brigade),
in its emplacement at Gallipoli - this may have been one of the guns which
weathered the Turkish artillery onslaught detailed by Col. Rosenthal below.

May 30  Sunday 

Quiet until about 2pm when enemy delivered attack on our left supported by fire of guns of all calibres up to 8 or 9 inch.

Sunday 30th May

Today we celebrate the termination of our fifth week in Gallipoli. We had a quiet morning, but after lunch the enemy again bombarded us with all sorts of Artillery, large and small, but I think without doing much damage. I was fascinated watching two guns of Phillips’ Battery. For half an hour the enemy placed heavy common shell all around him, but still his guns answered back defiance, and finally silenced the larger guns. The detachments must have nerves of iron to stand up and serve their guns during such a bombardment.

Went round position at junction of 1st and 2nd Sections this morning with Col Hobbs. Capt Waite took up duty as understudy to Major Hughes. Very quiet night.


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