Wednesday, 30 December 2015

30th December 1915

The S.S. Tunisian, previously the R.M.S. Tunisian of the Canadian Pacific Line - the
vessel boarded by the 7th Battery at Lemnos for redeployment (below).
[Courtesy of The 21st Battalion CEF]

Thursday 30th Dec

This morning we received some news to the effect we were very likely to leave , things were stirring early & our Artillery Units came down to the Pier. We had everything packed up & ready & about 11 am we moved off the cases etc on to Barge. Then we left for our transport & I was lucky enough to get our cases on board before the Steamer moved off to the Outer Harbour where we layed till early morning. Things were very mixed up on board, & one could not tell what was what. The Tunisian was our Transport & we are reputed to have several distinguished Generals on board. I had a lovely refreshing hot bath & a shave before going to bed.

Thursday 30th December

A private of E. Lancashire Regt (an Officers Servant) died last night from heat apoplexy. Very hot during night and yesterday afternoon. He was buried at daylight this morning. Competitions continued during day. Col Field and myself signalling. East Lancs’ officers entertained Anzac officers at dinner tonight. Oppressively hot.

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