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2nd December 1915

Australian troops attempting to restore circulation to Gurkhas' frozen feet, near Walden
Grove at Anzac, December 1915 - Will Sparkes paid witness to the Gurkhas' predicament
(below) when heading to the beach on his way to Imbros.

Thursday Dec 2nd

I was busy fixing up matters in connection with the stores & word came through that we could send over a representative to Imbros again. This we decided to do & I was chosen to go over & represent Divisional Artillery. Things were very hurriedly arranged & I had to pack up & get a little dinner & hurry to get the Steamer. I saw several sad sights on my way. There were a number of poor Gurkas & others who had been frost bitten on their feet & could not walk. They had to be carried on to the Pier for transference on to the Hospital ship. It was a nice crisp trip across to Imbros. We called in at Cape Helles & went right round into the Straits. We saw the ruins of Sed dol Bah Fort and went in near the Aiasiatic Coast. The celebrated SS “River Clyde" which was run ashore full of Troops was on the Beach a monument to the many brave lives that were lost in the landing which was effected from her. Every one will remember how she was run up & all her sides opened to provide a quick exit for troops. Unfortunately the “Clyde" did not beach as expected & it meant certain death to go out on the planks provided for the landing on the lighters. In the Walls of the Fort were huge holes which our naval Guns had  hewn out with their powerful guns. When we departed from Cape Helles it was almost dusk & it was not long before the scene of the war zone on the Peninsular faded from view.

We were not long getting over to Kehopalos as this part of Imbros is called. It was dark – I soon found Eltham a Gunner from our Brigade who was over with Captn Edwards as I said before in my notes days ago. I made myself comfortable in his tent – got blankets etc.

(Captain Alan Percy Crisp, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

The Battery did not fire.

(Major Francis Augustus Hughes, temporary O/C 3rd Field Artillery Brigade)

1000 Party of enemy working at SQUARE 68-4-4.  8th Battery engaged this target.

1015 Enemy guns from LEFT SECTION OLIVE GROVE fired on beach.

1050 Heavy and 8th Batteries engaged OLIVE GROVE.

1050 North Section of WINE GLASS fired on our RIGHT FLANK.

1130 Enemy ASMAK HOWITZER fired on ARTILLERY ROAD and Head of CLARKES GULLY. Heavy and 8th Batteries engaged this target.

1350 Party of enemy working on Trench on Right of GUN RIDGE.  8th Battery engaged.

1430 Enemy gun from OLIVE GROVE fired on Beach.  Unlocated.

1440 Party of enemy again seen working at SQUARE 68-R-4.

1456 Enemy Horse Transport apparently heavily loaded going S behind GUN RIDGE.

1530 Enemy Gun from OLD TURKISH HEADQUARTERS fired on Monitor.

1630 Party of enemy working on West Slope of HARRIS RIDGE.  Dispersed by fire of 5th Lowland Battery.

The enemy are doing considerable amount of digging and Trench work on GUN RIDGE.  Working parties observed in several positions in vicinity of SQUARE 68-R-4.

The increase in enemy gun fire during the last week would indicate that he has received considerable addition to his ammunition supply.

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