Monday, 14 March 2016

14th March 1916

Suez Canal defences on the east side of the canal, 9 miles from Serapeum, in February
1916 - The defenses involved an elaborate system of wired and reinforced trenches east
of the canal, behind which two battalions of infantry and artillery guarded each bridgehead.

Tuesday 14th March

Interviewed Lc. Sergt. Keene of 1st L. Horse re Commission. Approved his application. Took over plans and reconnaissance reports of Artillery positions 1st D.A. Serapeum from Major Miles, Brigade Major 1st DA.

Took over nearly 400 men from Col. Glasgow’s Infantry Brigade. Paraded before Gen. Cox with Capt. Parry Okeden regarding the latters recent questionable conduct in Cairo. General gave him another chance. Capt. Forrest in Cairo, settled up Imprest a/c 3rd FA Bde. Head Quarters. New Brigade at work sorting out suitable men for N.C.Os. and commencing training generally. Major Charley called re Command of D.A.C.

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