Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2nd March 1916

A team of eight camels pulling an artillery piece is halted outside a tent at Serapeum,
possibly in the camp of 20th Australian Army Service Corps, March 1916.

Thursday 2nd March

As I half expected I to day received a wire from Gen. White informing me that he regretted it was found necessary to take back 12th Brigade to enable Gen. Hobbs to get his Division, as per new establishments, ready for departure in 28 days. It is rather a "set back" but cannot be helped. I have accordingly made arrangements to hand back the whole of the personnel tomorrow, or as soon as asked for. I shall see General Cox in the morning and get his permission to go to Ismailia to see General White so that I may be able to get – once and for all – a clear understanding as to what tables I am to work under and when I am to commence work. His wire said that Gen. Birdwood would consider Halfords application for a commission if he first enlists in the A.I.F.

All the 1st Division are at cross purposes over the new organization and expansion. There must be a huge shuffle all round before anything like order can be obtained out of the present chaos.

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