Sunday, 13 March 2016

13th March 1916

Artillerymen moving equipment at Tel-el-Kebir, March 1916.

Monday 13th March

Gen. Cox round Camp. He promised to secure for me 400 men per Infantry Brigade for transfer to Field Artillery. Instructed me to see him at 2.30 tomorrow with Capt. Parry Okeden. Col. Tunbridge appointed A.A.G, Cairo, and left camp to day. Rather strange that 2 weeks since he should have been quite suitable as a Brigade Commander for my new 12th Brigade, but when it is transferred back to 1st Division he appears to be unsuitable. Inconsistency somewhere.

Saw Smith of Light Horse candidate for Commission, also Battye and Thomson, 2nd Lieuts of 50th Battalion who desire transfer to Artillery. Received letter from Gen. White stating no more assistance can be expected from 1st Division. I shall therefore post Waite to the Command of 24th Howitzer Brigade. With this latter appointment my Brigade Commanders are complete, and a good lot they are. I will try to secure Vernon for Command of D.A.C. Then we should have a good team of C.Os. L.H. Squadron attached to 4th and 5th Divs. arrived in camp tonight.

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