Friday, 18 March 2016

18th March 1916

Camels and rafts, with the luggage of the 12th Australian Infantry Brigade, during a trek from
Tel-el-Kebir to Ismailia - some of these men would return to the 4th Division Artillery (below).

March 18th.

The following N.C.Os. and men were transferred to 11th. F. A. Bde. from 1st. Div. Artillery 3, from 4th. Inf.Bde. 70, from 12th. Inf. Bde. 44, from 13th. Inf. Bde. 96. (D.A.R.O. No.8.)

Saturday 18th March

I hear that 1st Divisional Artillery is to move early next week, leaving all equipment behind and that we are to take over equipment, camp site etc. The 4th Div Arty are now working in groups for each Brigade and doing good work.

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