Monday, 28 March 2016

28th March 1916

The Australian Light Horse lines at Maadi camp in 1915 - Col. Rosenthal managed to secure
25 riding horses & 125 draught horses from the camp for use in the Artillery (below).

March 28th.

Officers transferred to 11th. F.A.B. :-

From 6th. L. H. Capt. E.D. Hordern and posted to
                                                           43rd. Battery.
From 3rd. L. H. Lt. P.A. Hockenhull and posted to
                                                           44th. Battery.
From Camel Corps. Lt. G.W. Hall and posted to 41st.
From 7th. L. H. Lieut. N. C. BELLAMY and posted to
                                                           41st. Battery.
From 7th. L. H. Lieut. H. H. McKEOWN and posted to
                                                                                               42nd. Battery.
                                    From 1st. Div.Arty. Lieut. A.G.Young and posted to

Tuesday 28th March

Gen. Cox and staff moved to Serapeum where Head Qrs. are now established. For the present our Artillery remains here, and I hope "the present" will continue till we leave for France. Trooper Green interviewed me to day re commission. I agreed to recommend him. A party from 1st B.A.C. who had been left behind sick reported to us for duty to day. Units doing good work. Exceedingly hot day.

Received 125 draught and 25 riding horses from Maadi. Quite a good lot.

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