Friday, 11 March 2016

11th March 1916

General Chauvel (right), chatting to British General Lyndel-Bell, at Sheikh Zowaiid, Sinai,
in 1916 - on the 11th March, Gen. Chauvel paid homage to the 1st Division Artillery (below).

March 11th

Major F. A. Hughes to be Lieut. Col. (Temp) dated 12.Mch. 16

Lt. P.J. Ross & Lt. S. F. Hodgens to be Captains

(D.A.R.Q. No.7.)               Dated 12th. March 1916

Saturday 11th March

Received long report from Rabett re Light Horse at Cairo. Sent same on to General White for his information and necessary action.

Large number of Artillery promotions published, but list not complete. Men at present on strength of 4th D.A. busy pitching tents, getting ready for Light Horse and Infantry drafts. Gen. Chauval had parade of 1st Div. Artillery and said "Good bye" to them. I understand he is vacating the Command of 1st Division but know no details. Instructed by Gen. Godley to get into touch with C.R.A. 1st Division re gun positions at Serapeum, it being understood 4th Div. is to take over this line later. Fortunately I know the ground and will not need to make a fresh visit. Received letters from Alvord, Chris, Nell, Emma and Father & Mother.

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