Wednesday, 23 March 2016

23rd March 1916

Two horses pull a sled like contraption with a canvas covering, which serves as
a desert ambulance, past the tent lines at Tel-el-Kebir, 1916.


It was now a case of saying Goodbye to our old 3rd Brigade comrades who were off to France

I gathered in a lot of spoil as QM

March 23rd.

25 men transferred from 1st. Div. Artillery, 2 men from A.A.M.C. (D.A.R.O. No. 9.)

Thursday 23rd March

Called at 4th Div. H Qrs. re disposal of reinforcement personnel now in Tel el Kebir camp. Had 141 transferred to 4th Div Arty, but officers not yet transferred. With Col. Armstrong inspected Camp Sites for 12th Bde and D.A.C. Decided to put 12th Bde opposite the "Hyderabad Lancers" and the D.A.C. on ground at present held by 4th Div Arty. Paraded applicants for commissions before General Cox including Hobson. General gave all applicants a very sensible address concerning their future. Canteen contract completed with Mangerites. To open on Monday next.

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