Wednesday, 30 March 2016

30th March 1916

The tent lines & stables at Moascar Camp, 1916, where Lt. Col. Waite traveled
to receive instruction in the use of the 4.5 inch Howitzers (below). 

Saturday 25th March to 30th

QM work.

Had to work hard We received new men from Light Horse Units

Heard we would have to leave Tel-El Kebir & go down the canal

Thursday 30th March

Lt. Col. Waite with a party of officers and Corporal Miller proceeded to Moascar this morning for instruction on 4.5" Hows. I journeyed to Serapeum by midday train arriving there about 4 PM. Met Gen. Godley and Gen. Cox. Decided on position for Artillery Camp at Fin Goshein near Serapeum.

Gen. Cox persuaded me to stay the night at his Head Qrs. so as to be able to carefully inspect camp site tomorrow.

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