Saturday, 29 August 2015

29th August 1915

Captains Richardson & Bird (latter with periscope), 7th Light Horse Regiment, in the
front line at Anzac in August 1915 - located just behind the 7th Battery's position, the
7th Light Horse were joined by members of the 12th on the 29th August (below).

Sunday 29th August 

It was deliciously cool this morning. One of our transports got in a bit close and went aground for some hours. The Turkish Artillery opened fire over her but luckily did not hit her before she got off. We often get a good view of the trawlers & other boats moving in to the landing stage under fire. A shell goes over them one behind – perhaps one in front and so on. It’s very interesting to look on while this drama is being enacted. The 12th Light Horse came up to our lines this afternoon & I understand merged into the 7th L Horse flanks. They had only arrived from Egypt in the morning early.

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