Monday, 24 August 2015

24th August 1915

White's Valley photographed in August 1915, where Col. Rosenthal went to oversee
the installation of a new 3 pdr Hotchkiss gun - note the ammunition limbers parked
alongside the path & camouflaged with branches.

Tuesday 24th August

Still gusty and blowy. I received some papers but no letters & was a bit disappointed. Am still acting as Quartermaster Sergeant & pay my daily visit to the beach for victuals etc.

23 + 24
(Captain William Charles Waite, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

Nothing doing.

Tuesday 24th August 

Went to White Valley to see 3pr Hotchkiss mounted. Two hours in the sun made me feel quite ill, and when I returned to my HQrs about noon I collapsed on my bed. General Birdwood and Hobbs called to see me. Good news received re Italy and Russia.

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