Friday, 14 August 2015

14th August 1915

Click on the above for an enlarged view - the 7th Battery positions behind Bolton's Hill in
August, with No 1, 2 & 3 Gun positions marked with a yellow star.

Saturday August 14

There is very little fighting going on on this flank today.  The enemy keep up a constant shell fire but they do very little damage.  Towards evening there was fierce rifle fire on the left flank and there is a heavy bombardment at Achi Baba.  Our planes keep hovering about pretty well all day and when any hostile aircraft comes along they are after it like a redshank.  The Turks shell our planes but they are only wasting ammunition.

Saturday 14th August

Still oppressive weather. It was quiet up till fairly late. A few shells were poured on to our beach by Beachy Bill who we thought had forgotten our existence by his attention having attracted by the attack on the left. It has been a few days since we heard from him. I was a little better today after some cornflower and milk supplied by the Medical officer. We have now a number of Brigade Ammunition men attached to our Battery as our ranks were so depleted. Had a long talk with Major Griffith.

(Captain William Charles Waite, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

1835 5 percussion + 3 time shrapnel at trenches [SE of LONE PINE]

Saturday 14th August

Quiet night. 7th Battery fired a few rounds in front of Lone Pine position. General Birdwood with his ADC Lord Anglesey spent some time at my Headquarters. He specially thanked my Brigade and myself for the work they have done. Expect a big move in the next three days. Established two forward Observation Posts in Lone Pine works with Lt Turner in charge, and 6 trained observers with specially long Periscopes. Enemy shelled this position heavily during afternoon but did no damage and caused no casualties. Heard today that casualties of our Army Corps and the 13th Division working with us is over 12000. I do not yet know actual number of killed and wounded Australians. These casualties are for the last 8 days. Re establishing all my telephone lines on permanent poles, so that spare wires and field poles May be ready for forward observing lines at any moment. Wrote to Nell, Charley, Alvord, Chris, Arthur King and the old folks. Received Argus and Australasian from Nell, also cigarettes from Lady Robinson London, for Queensland troops. Secured a Turkish rifle and bayonet which I hope to take home as a curio. Hospital ships a beautiful sight tonight. There are 5 of them and they have a distinguishing band of green electric lamps in the centre on Port and Starboard sides. Pybus doing well as A.D.C. to general Cunliffe Owen. Today we terminate our 16th week at Gallipoli. I wonder how much longer.

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