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12th August 1915

A Balloon Ship launching a captive observation balloon off the Australian position
at Gallipoli - it was one of these balloons that came under attack from a Turkish
aeroplane on the 12th August, as described by Col. Rosenthal below.

Thursday August 12
There has been heavy firing on the centre and left flank.  The Navy are blazing away day and night and it is grand to watch them.  Things on this flank are a little quiter today and I am having a bit of a rest.  I am No. 2 gun layer now.  McLennan has been transferred from the 3rd B.A.C. up to the Battery.  He doesn't know much about artillery and is always singing or humming.  Eyes of grey or some other song.  Wish he would shut his rat trap.

Thursday 12th August

Still oppressive weather. A fairly quiet day. We could hear a great deal of firing over towards Achi Baba in the evening and also towards where the new landing was effected higher up the Peninsular.

(Captain William Charles Waite, temporary O/C 7th Battery)

0550 No 4 Gun engaged bomb throwers in LONE PINE trenches with 2 rounds at 890x

0950 Several earthworks built during night near LONE PINE were demolished by 9 rounds from No 4.

13451 round again put into bomb throwers

1435 No 4 shelled party repairing earthworks with 4 rounds

1755 No 4 engaged M.G. emplacement with 6 shrapnel + 1 HE destroying same

Thursday 12th August

A beautiful morning, heralded in by a Turkish gun trying to "wing" our captive Balloon used for observation purposes. Unfortunately for him the balloon is well out of range and he has already wasted about 30 rounds. Weather is gradually improving. The extreme heat of the day is gradually being reduced and the nights too are getting much cooler. No one will complain at the improvement. Enemy very quiet on this flank during the night, but cannot speak for the left. 7th Battery doing useful work on Contour 400 dropping shell within 3 yards of our own trenches in enfilade, destroying overhead cover and giving our bomb throwers a chance. S.M. Scarrot reported to me for duty as R.S.M. he is to take up work and Residence here at 9AM tomorrow. General Hobbs at my Head quarters. Informed me matters were in a satisfactory condition on Left Flank. Secured Turkish bayonet – hope rifle will follow tomorrow.

Major Su Vincent Welch 1st Field Ambulance presented me with the bullet which pierced my leg. He found it the morning after I was hit. Wrote Col Buckley London re switch boards. Stench from Lone Pine abominable. No1 6" Howr to be moved to new position so as to get more range.
Appended is casualty list from July 15th to August 11th 1915.


Lt Col Charles Rosenthal O.C. Wounded 20-7-15

7th Battery

No 1665 Gr McDowell A.R. Wounded 2-8-15
1614 Gr W. Hirst Killed 5-8-15
1601 B.S.M. Handford D.F. " 6.8.15
1662 Corporal Hanks G.K. Wounded 7.8.15
Lieut Ross P.J. " 9.8.15
No 2286 Bom Baynes E. Killed 9.8.15
1655 Bom McKinnon I.G. Wounded 11.8.15
1678 Br Dingwall A.F. " 11.8.15
1740 Gr Moore E.L. " 11.8.15
3822 Gr Thurwell S.O. " 11.8.15

8th Battery

No 1793 Gr Carter S. Killed 17.7.15
1879 Dr Leonard D.B. " 17.7.15
1891 Sergt Taylor S.A. Wounded 17.7.15
1825 Gr Lovelock G.H. Killed 26.7.15
1777 Br Benporath F.H. Wounded 29.7.15
1895 Br Thackeral A.H. " 3.8.15
1806 Gr Elliott W.H. " 3.8.15
1802 Gr Dickson A. " 3.8.15
No 3052 Dr Church G. Wounded 3.8.15
1902 Gr Mcleod A.J. " 3.8.15
1827 Sergt Henry G.D. " 4.8.15
1805 Dr Eastwood H.A. " 6.8.15
1804 Gr Smith W.J. " 7.8.15
1804 Gr Ewing P.C. " 8.8.15
1580 Dr Belcher H.C. " 8.8.15
3045 Gr Barber C.W. Killed 8.8.15

9th Battery

No 1994 Gr Harris E.G. Wounded 17.7.15
2037 Gr Reid W.M. " 18.7.15
Capt R.S. Gee " 31.7.15
4161 Br Higgins R.R. " 1.8.15
Lieut A.A. Evans " 7.8.15

3rd B.A.C.

No 2922 Gr Withers L.R. Wounded 17.7.15
3768 Gr Mc Arthur J.A. " 18.7.15
2226 Br R.M. Craig " 18.7.15
2701 Gr Coombe F.A.E. " 22.7.15
2994 Dr Callaghan J.J. " 22.7.15
4161 Gr Smith G.E. " 31.7.15
No 3022 Gr Lipscombe J.H. Wounded 6.8.15
2286 Gr Lennane V.S. " 6.8.15
4058 Dr Kelleher H.J. " 6.8.15
2162 Dr Taylor E.J. Killed 5.8.15
2711 Gr Carphey C.D. wounded 11.8.15
Total Casualties to Aug 11th 1915 – 19 Killed 105 wounded.

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