Wednesday, 1 October 2014

1st October 1914

Port Melbourne
Thursday October 1 1914

Put out horse lines on shore got some sleepers from the Pier and used them as posts: Sank them in about 4 feet it is all sandy and easy to sink down in.  We still live on board ship.  No leave granted yet to go to town or even to go from the Pier except on duty.  Just been over to the Star of England. She is a fine boat, only a new ship too. The sergent on Guard took two mates and myself all through her. The mens quarters are very comfortable but I think our horse stalls are more comfortable.  The Sergent gave us Cigars and we had a good time.  We will be here some.  Alls well.

The A15 Star of England, onboard which the 2nd Light Horse Regiment
departed Pinkenba in convoy with the 7th Battery's A22 Rangatira.

Thursday 1st October.

Borrowed 8x6 timbers and erected horse lines. Ship lowered rope. Adjutant received sundry stores from Ordnance. D.A.C. Section moved off to Broadmeadows. Capt McGee took some battery harness and mixed up a great deal already sorted. He told Major Hughes he intended to make up his deficiencies from other units. I decide the matter must be adjusted at once and arranged for Major Hughes and the Adjutant to visit Broadmeadows to see Col Tunbridge in the matter.

Guns disembarked and made available for drill purposes, but retained on wharf. As member of a Board convened by General Bridges I attended Col Forsyth in conjunction with Capt Matson on "Star of England" from 1.30 to 5.30 PM re condition of horse stalls and horses. Board proceedings completed and recommendation made to the effect that horses being overcrowded, it was desirable to remove 60 or 70 stalls from ship, also that an oat ration should be provided daily, such ration to be gradually increased during the last week of voyage.

Col Kendall P.V.O, inspected ship and horses. Hosing out of ship commenced. I promised to arrange for the cleaning out of stalls allotted to unit sent away from ship. Harness dubbing, and dressing. Picket ropes, rubbers, spurs etc. received from Ordnance. Large fatigue party under Captain Leslie cleaning ship. Two gun detachments from battery and two from B.A. Column at work.

One of the 7th Battery's 18 pound field guns being slung from
the A22 Rangatira at Port Melbourne for drill.

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