Friday, 3 October 2014

3rd October 1914

Port Melbourne
Saturday October 3 - S.S. Rangatiara

Come off Pier Guard and put on Sick and Defaulters Orderly, done a bit of washing in between time but have to sit and watch it dry or as sure as eggs it will walk.  Things do the dissapering trick here very smartly.  I have a bit of a cold so whent up to the Doctor and got some medicine.  I have to give the Defaulters something to do so got them (two in number) cleaning up the Officers Bath Room and then pealing potatoes  up till 9 oclock tonight.  There is a bit of a boxing bout on, on the Pier so I can see all from where I am while the prisioners peel potatoes.  There is 5% of the men on leave and 10% of the Officers from tonight.

Broadmeadows Camp in October 1914, where the Division
Ammunition Column was transferred on arrival at Port Melbourne.

Saturday 3rd October

Large fatigue party getting limber out of Hold. 8 complete limbers fitted. Second party under Lt Ross cleaning remainder of Horse stalls. Third party under Lieut Clowes sorting out Red Cross stores. Swam all horses. Squire John clipped.

Major Hughes and adjutant visited Broadmeadows. Arranged with Col Tunbridge that all harness should be returned to ship and there sorted out and adjusted. Capt McGee came to ship at 11 AM. I censured him for his Conduct re Harness. Limbers removed to Horse lines also A & B Subsection Harness.

Went for a short exercise run with Squire John along beach.

Concert on wharf for men at night. Recitations, Songs and boxing. Some good voices among the men. I shall try to develop a male voice chorus for Part Song Singing. Arranged for Church Service for Sunday 10 AM. His Grace Dr Clarke Archbishop of Melbourne to officiate. Dean McCarthy to take R.C. party at Port Melbourne Church.

Capt McLennan’s father donated 12 pair horse clippers. Arrangements will now be made to clip all horses as soon as possible.

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