Saturday, 11 October 2014

11th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Sunday October 11 1914 - A22

General leave after 2 p.m. today till midnight and the Defaulters have to stop behind to water and feed the horses.  I went into town and took the tram to the Tooliglial Gardens.  It was most interesting with animals of all descriptions from a kangaroo rat up to an Elephant.  The babbon was the trickest of the lot, then a mate and I went to the Art Gallery.  There is some fine pieces of work.  The paintings would take your breath  away;  we saw that wonderful picture The Bent Tree, which cost something like £7,500. It was only about 2' by 2'6" in size.  Then we went to St Kilda and through Purma.  We had a good look all through Melb.  The streets are the best I ever saw especially the street to St Kilda is a beaut in the middle is where the trams go, on each side of that is a line of trees, plants etc. and then is the road for motor cars etc. more trees etc. and then on the other side of that is for pedestren, the whole is about 100 yards wide and about 5 miles long.  The Government house is a pretty place and then Parliament is a fine building.  While the Grand Hotel and Savings Bank and dozens of others are OK.

St Kilda Road, c. 1905.

Sunday 11th October

Communicant Service at local Church of St Andrew for Anglicans. Roman Catholic service at 10 AM at local church and General Service on Port Melbourne Wharf at 10 AM. I accepted Colonel Lee’s offer for our men to join their service, and as they have a band it made the service much more interesting. Gave General leave today (for all except defaulters) from 2.30 to 12 midnight. No Hotels open today to cause possible trouble. Evening on model, and walked to St Kilda.


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