Thursday, 9 October 2014

9th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Friday  October 9 1912 -   SS Rangatiara A22

Well nothing startling today it is a bit cooler and the wind is changed round to the sea.  I have got leave tonight so must go in to see the town later.  Went into Melbourne by rail.  The train service is much better here than up in Bris; and the railway stations are most up to date.  Flinders St is a sight to see.  It is marvelous the way the traffic is regulated.  We just got up the street and seen a building on fire, but the firemen got on the seen to quick for it to do much damage.  Then my mate and I went into the Theatre and seen the play, Silver King and it was splendidly played and the seens were O.K. Arrived home safely.

Advert for The Silver King, at Melbourne's Theatre Royal,
published in The Argus on October 10th 1914.

Friday 9th October

At Head Quarters in the morning re Gee’s promotion; extra Head ropes, Ammunition, etc. Capt Johnston, State Veterinary Officer accompanied me back to boat and inspected our Horses under Quarantine Regulations. Major Robertson promised to inspect and brand "Jack" today. Voucher not yet through. Wrote pencil note to Nell to that effect. Capt McLellan performed Post-Mortem on Horse, discovered cause of death to be Septic Pnuemonia. He has kept feet and intends illustrating to shoeing smiths the construction of bones of foot - as a guide to shoeing. Obtained 20 lbs plasticine and have commenced model of Country for instructional purposes.

Battery at Battery Manoeuvre. Col Hobbs and Major Anderson inspected all teams of battery, Brigade A. Column and Head Quarters Horses. Gunners at gun drill and thoroughly cleaning ship. Coaling operations have been continuous for a week but finished today. Everything is covered with fine coal dust. Bringing in Beach Sand for sandbaths for Horses.

Exercised 24 men at 300x + 400x at Rifle Range.

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