Thursday, 30 October 2014

30th October 1914

Albany Harbour
Friday October 30 1914

We came in close to the pier today and you can see the whole of Albany from here.  It is a small place but a very nice and picturesque place.  Some chaps who were ashore to get some sand got into the town and they say it is as nice a place as you would wish to see.  We shipped a lot of cases of apples and they are the best I ever tasted.  I think it is because they are fresh.

First Convoy transports coaling and watering in the
inner harbour, with HMS Minotaur and HMAS
Melbourne opposite the pier, 30th October 1914 - one
of these vessels may likely be the A22 Rangatira.

Friday 30th October

Ordered Drill Order parade preparatory to moving into Harbour. Left anchorage about 10.30. On passing "Orvieto" troops were formed up on deck. Guard presented Arms and Trumpets sounded general Salute. Our flag was dipped to the "Orvieto" but she did not respond. On passing H.M.S. "Minatour" we repeated the salute and it was immediately acknowledged. After lunch four boat crews went over to a near beach for sand, returning about 4 PM with about 4 tons.

Mr Jopp and Duntroon Subaltern left in ships boat for "Orvieto". Mr Jopp returned to ship at 12.45. During the afternoon I paid a call on the Captain of the "Minatour". The 1st gunnery Lieutenant showed us over the ship. She carries ten 4".7 and four 9".2, the latter in pairs, fore and aft. Also several 12 prs. She has just completed 19000 knots since war was declared and is now being repainted.

We learned we are expected to leave on Sunday for our homeward journey via Colombo. I watched with interest sounding of "Retreat" on warship. Went over to Albany township at 4.15 PM and scored about 20 bags of green fodder. Our horses will much appreciate this alteration in menu, though up to date they appear very fit indeed.

Doing one reading tonight – getting ready for lectures on the way home.

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