Friday, 17 October 2014

17th October 1914

Saturday 17th October

Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, GOC A.I.F. Admiral Creswell and other Officials made an inspection of men, horses and ship. Men formed up with teams and drivers mounted on the wharf. All concerned very pleased with ship. Prime Minister made a Complimentary speech to Col Hobbs who in turn transmitted it to me for benefit of Command generally.

All units at work with teams during morning. Afternoon devoted to embarking vehicles etc. called at Ordnance. Horse chairs arrived.

Media reports detailing Prime Minister Fisher's visit to the
Queensland Contingent at the Melbourne Show Grounds
& Wharf, published in the Sunday Times, 18th October 1914.

From an historic perspective, another amazing event
transpired as a result of the Prime Minister's vistit
to the Queensland Contingent - the Official adoption of 
the famous "Kangaroo Feathers" in the Australian
Troops' slouch hats (The Farmer & Settler, 21st October 1914).

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