Sunday, 19 October 2014

19th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Monday October 19 1914

A general stir this morning.  We are on the move at 4 oclock this evening.  A few others have just left some are leaving now so we got the horses aboard they mostly went in all right bar 2 or 3 which had to be slung aboard in the crate.  Well we got everything aboard and steamed out into the bay.  There we anchored, one of our chaps who was out for mail was left behind, so he came along to the boat in a motor launch.  A troopship has just come in and she is from Sydney and has a few Brisbane and Sydney reservists and she has anchored just near us in Hobsons Bay.

A horse being slung onboard a troop ship, likely belonging
to the 1st Divisional Ammunition Column (many of whom
were on the A22 Rangatira) c.1915.

F.A.H. 19  20  F.A.H. 2-30pm

Embarked and anchored in HOBSONS BAY

Monday 19th October

Commenced embarkation of horses at 10 AM and completed all units at 1.30 PM. Chief Steward not having returned to ship the Captain delayed departure till 4.30 PM.

At Pay office during morning, at Ordnance re head ropes and expense stores. Called on Colonel Hobbs, Colonel Dangar and Colonel Coxen. Said goodbye to them all. Col Grimwade with embarkation officer and Commander Brewes left ship at 4PM. "Rangatira" moved off at 4.30 and proceeded to Anchorage at Williamstown. Our Post Orderly was brought off in a naval launch, bringing our last mail for some time. Very nice letter from Nell. Wrote short letter in reply and enclosed £20, also wrote Chris, Alvord and Charley.

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