Monday, 13 October 2014

13th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Tuesday October 13 1914 - SS Rangatiara A22

Well we are stil here and rumours say we will be going next week.  If we don't we ought to for the men are sick of staying here.  But it is no use trying to please these brutes.  There is plenty to do for them that like to do it and the willing horse always gets the load.  It is just the same here if they all get at it with a will it would be a picnic for us but some hang off and always growling I have leave tonight and went for a tram ride into Melbourne with a couple of mates and had a stroll around the Government  Gardens.   It is a beautiful spot and the way it is layed out is wonderful.  It runs down to the Yarra and there is seats round about the place its fine.  The Yarra is only a small river but is pretty deep.  I got home or back to the ship just in time as my pass was up to 12 p.m. and anyone coming in later is booked.

The Melbourne Botanical Gardens, 1914.

Tuesday 13th October

Battery at Battery Gun and Driving drill. BAC at driving drill. Horses being shod. In view of possible trek to Broadmeadows I arranged for all wagons and limbers to be brought up out of the hold and fitted ready for use. Attended at Central Administration seeing Col Dangar and Major Robertson.

Also District pay officers and Ordnance re Head ropes etc. paid ?11.5.0 Fuel Allowance from 24th Sept to 23rd October inclusive. Letter from Nell also wire re her altered conditions.

The three remaining Gunpits were made during the night, commencing at 9 PM and finishing at 11.30 PM. Pay handed to Major Hughes for troops on board by Pay Master Brisbane checked and returned to Captains safe. Discharged two N.C. Officers.

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