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25th October 1914

Albany Harbour
Sunday October 25 1914 - A22

We came in sight of land about 10 am and passed the King George Sound about (one) 1 oclock this evening.  It is one of the prettiest little harbours I have ever saw.  It is the most beautiful sight to see all the rocks at the entrance water worn with the breakers, some are washed clean not a spec to be seen on them.  There is a lighthouse up on the rocks and some girls gave us a salute with brooms and white towls or something like it; we are anchored just passed the lighthouse and there is a lot of troopships coming in fast; the fleet is going to collect here.  We put another horse overboard this morning.

The cliffs surrounding King George's Sound on the
coast of Western Australia, as seen from one of the
HMAT ships of the AIF First Convoy. 

25  2 Hrs

Arrived off ALBANY and anchored in King Georges Sound.

Sunday 25th October

Horse decks very sweet and clean this morning. Matting put down again. "Shropshire" slightly ahead of us, also another vessel apparently the "Karoo".

"Moldavia" passed us about 7 AM having called at Adelaide and now bound for Fremantle.
Church service at 10 AM. Lesson read by Colonel Sutton.

Gift sweets issued to all ranks. Horse belonging to BAC died at 10.30 and was cast overboard. Suffered from Septic Pnuemonia. 

Anchored at King Georges Sound at 2 PM. District naval Officer Commander Jones came off and gave us latest war news. About 15 ships of convoy already in Port. Signalling at night to ‘Shropshire’. Ascertained they had lost one horse on the way round, also from Septic Pnuemonia. Major Anderson’s sprained ankle nearly well. Corporal Hare, BAC. (a Wesleyan Clergyman in Queensland) had a church service at night. Major Hughes not well. Apparently developing an influenza attack.

Transports of the first AIF Convoy gathering in King
George's Sound, Western Australia.

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