Wednesday, 8 October 2014

8th October 1914

Port Melbourne
Thursday  October  8 1914 - SS Rangatiara A22

I am in charge of Pier Guard today I go on at 8.30am and come of the following morning at the same time and it is blowing a blizzard.  Between smoke and sand you cant see one mile away.  I thought the Qld Westleys were bad but they are not in the same street as these ga1ls, it is hellish.  Got a post card from E. F. and also got some photos from a chap that took them on Sunday.  Will send them up to Qld.  The Rangatiara and the Star of England are the first big boats to come in at the new Pier.  It is not quite finished yet it has been going on for 2 years.  Our ship has been taking in coal and water. The water is laid on from the sewerage.  But the coal comes in a coal punt.

The Port Melbourne Railway Pier, 1914.

Thursday 8th October

Visited head Quarters during morning. Arranged to replace Horse in Battery that was destroyed on the way down from Brisbane. Left voucher and Certificate for sale of "Jack" to Department. Called on Colonel Hobbs and Colonel Dangar. Arranged to discharge undesirables and take on men here in their places.

Saw Colonel McLagan at Port Melbourne Railway Station.

Battery at Battery drill – B.A.C. fitting Harness. Head Quarters doing similar work. Gunners training in laying. Horse died during last night.

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